Meet the Artists

Jim Pearce

Jim is an award winning artist who graduated from the Naval Academy and served two tours in Vietnam. He resides in the San Marco area in Jacksonville Florida with his wife Mimi who is also an artist . Jim works  primarily in watercolor and acrylic.   

       His work reflects his travels and especially love for Florida’s outdoor treasures .  

He set the criteria and managed the selection of endangered lands purchased for the State of Florida in the 70‘s. These include : The Big Cypress Preserve, Fakahatchee Strand, San Felasco Hammock, St. George Island, the Duval/Nassau marshes, Big Talbot, and Long Islands of the Timucuan Preserve.   

    Jim’s style is representational or fanciful realism that captures the enduring beauty and strength of Florida’s natural, historical, and cultural elements.   

Jim is a former First Vice President of the Jacksonville Watercolor Society. He is also a member of the Florida Watercolor Society, the Jacksonville Coalition for the Visual Arts, the St. Augustine Art Association , the Plein Aire Artists of St. Augustine, and the Jacksonville Artist Guild (JAG). 

Mimi Sherman Pearce

Art is for everyone - everywhere.

It should be in the workspace as well as over the fireplace.   I believe that art has the power to calm, to transport, to heal the spirit in times of conflict and confusion.

I am interested in the process of painting.  The brush and knife are the tools I use to free the spirit in the physical world.  As a free spirit, I am interested in the process of applying   juicy oil paint to paper, panel or canvas with palettes, knife, finger and brush.

Artist Bio

In college I majored in English and minored in Art.    Sister Corrita,  who combined words with large blocks of color, intrigued and influenced me.  

My first art teacher was Lee Maris Hoffman (1932–2010).  An inspired, gifted, gentle giant Mr Hoffman taught me to  really “see” not just "look" - to appreciate and  simplify my world.

He introduced me to some of my favorites: Cezanne, Modigliani, Van Gogh, Paul Klee, Marc Chagall, de Kooning, Georgia O’keefe.

Always a student,  my teachers have been many and gifted; they continue to inspire me.