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Jim Pearce

I paint to capture and preserve the enduring beauty of Florida's biological, natural, historical and cultural treasures.

My style is representational of fanciful realism. My primary medium in watercolor - liquid, lasting and immediate.

A Naval Academy graduate, I served two tours of duty in Viet Nam - the inspiration for a series of paintings that can be seen online.

While working for the Department of Natural Resources in the 70's, I set the criteria for selecting endangered lands, including Big Talbot and Long Islands, the Timucuan Preserve, the Duval Naussau marshes, St. George Island, Big Cypress Preserve, Fakahatchee Strand and San Felasco Hammock.

Largely a self-taught srtist, I have taken professional workshops and c

Mimi Sherman Pearce

Mimi’s mantra is:

“Art is for everyone.

Art should be everywhere – – in the workspace as well as over the fireplace.”

It has the power to calm, to transport, and to heal the spirit in times of conflict and confusion.

Mimi is a free spirit and it shows in her work.  She began painting in the 60s while in college.  Captivated by the process painting, Mimi uses bold, juicy colors that she applies in layers with brush and palette knife.

Everyday objects and nature are her favorite subjects. Mimi‘s style simplifies it draws attention to what is experienced as well as imagined.

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